Steve Worley

Author of

The Core Reset Diet
(Connecting Mind and Spirit)


Steven Worley, Teacher, Author, Mentor, Leader.  After a long distinguished career as a national award winning pharmaceutical representative, Steven turned his attention to his life-long struggle with his weight.  Even while training for a marathon, Steven was unable to drop pounds.  Through much research and inspiration Steven developed and wrote the book “Core Reset Diet”.  After losing the excess weight once and for all, Steven teaches and trains others the amazing techniques of the Core Reset Diet.  


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Breakthrough dieting book shows readers when to eat and why rather than what to eat.

Looks like Mom was right – breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

In his new book titled Core Reset Diet, Reconnecting Body and Spirit, Steven Worley explains why and offers empowering information to help readers lose weight and keep it off for once and for all.

Worley, like countless others, spent years trying to discover why he was overweight. Eventually, he realized he was an emotional eater. His personal journey with food culminated in the discovery of what he calls the Core Reset Diet.

In essence, the diet relies on understanding that we human beings all have a circadian rhythm embedded within ourselves that we need to match our food intake to. This means that breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day.

Meanwhile, notes Worley, our inner selves already know what we need to eat. By tapping into our spiritual selves, we will eat only what our bodies need. Matching our eating to our circadian rhythm and listening to ourselves to determine what we need results in three things: our bodies function better, we feel our best, and we finally attain our ideal weight.

Since discovering the Core Reset Diet and finally losing the weight that plagued him, Worley has been on a mission to share the diet with others who struggle to lose weight. In addition to showing readers how to put their bodies’ circadian rhythm to work for rather than against them, he offers tips for getting through the evening hours without snacking and discusses other ways to avoid sabotaging your efforts. The book concludes with two appendices that contain a daily checklist and daily food record to keep track of it all.

Worley comments, "You know better than anyone else what your body needs. However you eat, you can learn something from this amazing book. Whether you only eat more at breakfast, cut out snacking at night, or start listening to your spirit about what to eat, this book will enhance your life."

"After just a few days on the diet, something shifted for me. I went through what I can only call an awakening as my relationship with food changed in a dramatic way. I felt (from deep within) that I could really follow and benefit from this way of eating…I am surprised at how much better I feel about myself – especially since I never felt badly to begin with. All I can say is, "Go for it! This plan works!" ~ Review by David B.

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