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Robert G. Smith

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Robert G. Smith, is a renowned teacher who helped transform thousands of people. He has been a seeker of truth for the last 40 years. Robert has a passion for what actually works and he makes it logical and practical.

He knows how the mind works and in what way an inner reference produces certain outcomes, influencing our lives. He has managed to simplify a complexity and create an understanding and skill set to change the real cause of all problems, which enables everyone to produce a better life. He teaches a complete and simple, user-friendly belief system.

As the creator of FasterEFT/ Eutaptics and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc., Robert offers an effective training program and conducts webinars, transformational retreats, and training seminars internationally.

Robert’s sincere passion, directness and compassion have attracted thousands of students who were seeking answers to life’s issues. His teachings are freely given away to the world on YouTube where over a thousand videos have millions of views. He is an advocate of self-improvement, therefore he practices what he teaches and requires all practitioners to do the same.

Robert his work has attracted the toughest of cases ranging from

  • severe illnesses like lupus, fibromyalgia and so much more,
  • addictions - like meth, heroin, cocaine as well as food or smoking,
  • phobias, anxieties, public speaking, etc…
    to everyday life issues with improvements that will leave you amazed. He still volunteers his time in drug treatment centers and gives to others in many other ways.

Since FasterEFT/ Eutaptics is a mix of many great modalities rolled up into one system and taught in laymen terms it is no wonder many individuals found their tool to create the life they want.