Reducing Psychological Inflammation: Are your toxic relationships making you sick?

May 1st, 2016 by Avital Benedek

When we are children, we are told to find our passion in life. As we grow older, we start to make compromises. We choose careers we don’t love out of need for security. We live our lives in ways that challenge our true desires. We perpetuate our toxic relationships. In his Mindset Monday video installation, the truly inspiring Drew Canole warns us of the “psychological inflammation” that can result from not living authentically to ourselves.

As Drew sees it, this type of psychological inflammation is what can lead to toxic relationships, suppression of the immune system, illnesses, and diseases. Psychological inflammation, much like physical inflammation of the body, can be worked on to reduce and minimize. Drew challenges us to “figure out our passion.”

Drew encourages us to take our attention away from focusing on other people and negative thoughts, and place it towards working on our personal selves. In our toxic relationships, he emphasizes the importance of truly committing to working through the toxic dynamic with your partner to figure out what needs to be addressed.

If psychological inflammation occurs most easily when we are inauthentic to ourselves and our true passion, we must figure out if we are able to accomplish personal goals and focus throughout the day. But don’t take it from my recap, check out Drew Canole’s video posted below. His supportive and encouraging words will help you begin to focus on personal growth and reducing your psychological inflammation. We are so pleased to have this inspiration as part of the summit.

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