Marie Diamond Explains How to Position Greatness

April 19th, 2016 by Daniel Ruiz

So How Do You Position Greatness?

It’s often easy to perceive achievement and success as an overwhelming process. When we look at what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis, it can seem like a grueling task. One step made may seem like just a tiny maneuver in a vast sea of ambition and daily stress. While those steps are important, greatness and success is not just about the small steps we take: it is about the entire universe and how we position ourselves within it.

In Marie Diamond’s video, “Aligning with the Universe”, she discusses how important it is to make our surrounding environment align with the greater universe in order to create the conditions for our success.

When we create a space for ourselves that compliments the message we wish to put out, we can effortlessly move towards success. However, as Diamond describes when our environment articulates resistance (whether from how our furniture is placed or through the colors and feelings that surround us), it can negate any effort, regardless how valiant it may be.

But let’s talk about alignment! Diamond outlines that in order to align well to the universe to support success, we must align three levels: heaven, human, and the earth. By aligning these three levels of the universe, we can allow our “soul to really manifest in the world.” Through this work that surpasses just the human focus, it helps enact change and achievement in the efforts we make.
Trust me, watching Marie speak is calming and inspiring. You can watch the video below. But, you can also sign up to the Worldwide Transformational Summit to learn from her in one of her seminars during the summit! We look forward to learning from her, ourselves.

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