Bruce Lipton Explains Overcoming Debt Crisis: Energy and Money

April 29th, 2016 by Avital Benedek


Bruce Lipton‘s first installment of his video newsletter is so refreshing. Not only are his video newsletters visually and aurally stimulating, they give you a nice break from reading on a computer screen. This first installment focuses on something we often are too ashamed to admit we worry about: money.

When we think about struggle and personal growth, we often find that we want to detach ourselves from our material needs and consumption. However Lipton astutely points out that in this point in time, money is not to be fully ignored. While addiction to money and greediness is to be properly addressed, many have been financially affected by the debt crisis in this currently modern, global world. As we work through our financial struggle, we can learn something about how we manage monetary capital and apply it to our emotional money.

As Lipton explains, there is something important to learn from the world’s financial crisis that is important for self-learning and growth: “Money is energy.Now, understandably you might be wondering how money, energy, and our own personal well being are all connected. Often, our thoughts are units of energy. Much like we want to save our money to accommodate a budget, we want to do something similar with our personal energy.  Lipton outlines what he calls the “biology of belief,” how our thoughts are what help carve out our reality. Thus, when we invest our energy in thoughts with no return (negative thoughts), we spend our energy reserves. As we struggle through this difficult time financially, we must make sure we do not begin to spend money (energy) in our body.

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