The Law Of Attraction: Are you Doing It Right?

February 25th, 2016 by Laura Worley

The law of attraction according to New Thought Philosophy is the basic principle that by focusing your efforts on thinking positively or negatively, a person can bring positive or negative experiences to their life. Sounds rather simple and for people that have mastered this practice, it really is but are you doing it right?

law of attraction

The field of New Thought Philosophy is slowly developing but as of right now there is significant scientific evidence that the law of attraction is in fact real and that it can bring either positive or negative repercussions to one’s life. So how do you do it right? Here’s how to change things up a bit.

Law of Attraction – Step 1 – Meditation and Ridding yourself of Negative Thoughts

Many people are under the false impression that the law of attraction is just thinking about money all day and money is sure to fall into your pocket. Once this fails for them, then they say LOA is a bunch of hokum.

Now that we have that out of the way, we’re ready to begin. Make it a habit to meditate on a daily basis. Meditation not only helps clear your mind but it also helps increase brain power that you will later use to bring positive thoughts.

Law of Attraction – Step 2 – Analyze what it is you really want to Achieve

After meditating for about 10 minutes every day, think about where your life has brought you, how the decisions you’ve made (both bad and good) have influenced where you are today.

Once you have that down, you probably know what you want for your future. Whether it’s financial stability, a better job, or success in your new business, really visualize what it is you want. That alone is one small step towards achieving your goal.

Law of Attraction – Step 3 – Ask the Universe for it

After you’ve started to implement happy thoughts into your life and slowly ridding yourself of all negative aspects and after you know what you want, the next step is to ask the universe for it.

By asking we don’t mean just prayer or asking to win the lottery. We mean really picture yourself achieving your goal. Have a graphic description of you being happy with everything you’ve accomplished. Have this image present everyday and imagine yourself already having it. The more details in this image, the better.

Law of Attraction – Step 4 – Let Go of Resistance

Resistance is the biggest deterrent when working to achieve your goals and following the law of attraction. The individuals that really want something know they have to work hard and not let anything stop you. There are two common deterrents, the first of which is the people that surround you. Don’t let their negative comments/attitude influence you or change your perspective on things. You have a goal you need to achieve and you can’t let anyone stop you.

The next and most important deterrent is you. If you thought long and hard about what you want to achieve, it’s because you genuinely want a change in your life. No matter how hard the road gets, don’t lose focus and keep an eye on the prize. The results will be worth it.

Most people think the law of attraction is simple and although many have mastered it and received what they’ve asked for, there are still millions that fail to follow the proper steps and not just that but even fail to trust the power it has. If you’re one of those people, we recommend start small, start with short term goals and follow our 4 steps, you’ll see how asking changing the way you think and asking the universe for things you really want, will change your life around completely.

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