Laura Worleys Bio

Laura Worley is a Transformational Coach and Educator who stands as a beacon of light to people that are struggling.
Laura's belief is with the right tools and desire to change you can overcome anything.  Laura helps her clients release stressful emotions caused by pain, trauma, abuse, an anything else stopping them from having a great life.  She believes we are so much more than what our experience in life has been, and shows that by her own example.  Her mission is to help people see who they truly are.  Laura’s knows that if her clients realize the greatness within then they will be able to find happiness and create a brand new life.

Laura has traveled the world helping clients. Her specialty is working with clients for a 3 to 10 -day intensive. She flies to clients or they fly to Las Vegas for the break- through sessions. Laura is the creator and host of The Worldwide Transformational Summit 2016 and 2017. 

Laura teaches people how to release trauma, especially, abuse in seminars and webinars.  Laura Worley has dedicated her life to helping others see the greatness in themselves.

Laura’s training includes many healing modalities, techniques, and studies over the last 25 years.  In her practice she uses many modalities; mainly meridian tapping.  She incorporates the rest when needed such as NLP, Hypnosis, and TASA, (training in trauma release) to help people find freedom from past painful memories and beliefs.

Laura has had a coaching practice for 8 years. She has been married for 32 years, has 5 daughters, and 1 granddaughter.