A “How To” Introduction to EFT with Dawson Church

May 17th, 2016 by Avital Benedek

Many of the speakers joining us at the World Wide Transformational Summit are certified and experienced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners and healers. One of whom, Dawson Church, published a really wonderful introduction video to EFT and the tapping technique. We decided to break it down for you. You can refer to this step-by-step written summary if you are in a place where you cannot listen to audio!

EFT is a tapping technique. Dawson explains that it is a practice that joins conventional psychology  with oriental medicinal practice, cognitive therapy with exposure therapy, and acupressure therapy. It is highly accessible and convenient for almost any time of the day.

  1. EVENT
    • Write down an issue or event you wish to address. If this is your first time doing EFT, think of an event in the last week that really annoyed or frustrated you.
  2. SCORE
    • Write down a score of how much this event bothered you. The score can be a rank between 1-10
    • Now, write down where do you feel that emotion. By locating the physical point in your body you feel that frustration, it helps contextualize the score you gave your emotion.
    • As you tap the side of your hand/palm (below your pinkie finger) continuously, state the following phrase:

“Even though I have ______ problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

  • With two fingers, continue this tapping motion in the following order, each time stating the problem
    1. Where your eyebrow meets the ridge of your nose,
    2. Outside the corner or your eye, next to your temple
    3. Under your eye, on the bone
    4. Under your nose
    5. End of your collarbone
    6. Under your arm
    • Take this moment to breathe, collect yourself, and observe how you feel
    • Reevaluate how you feel, and see how you would re-score how you feel
    • Repeat the tapping order as described in Step 4.

This tapping series can be repeated many times. Each time you repeat the tapping sequence, you start by fully stating the issue and claiming full love and acceptance for yourself and your issue. As you move through the different points on your body, you are able to release some of the stress and tension surrounding that particular issue.

However, any time you feel a new stressful feeling presents itself, you can use that emotion for the next round of tapping. The technique allows you to address all your emotional blocks and barriers while helping to release them from your subconscious.

Dawson Church makes it very clear: “love yourself and care for yourself.” Tapping helps us find this love and and support we need to make great personal change.

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