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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Dr. Peta Stapelton

Dr. peta stapleton



Dr Peta Stapleton has 22 years experience as a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist in the   State of Queensland, Australia and has completed a Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy. Peta held academic positions at Griffith University for 14 years, teaching and coordinating psychological research trials into new therapies in the area of obesity and weight management and is now Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University.
Peta regularly contributes to the academic field with publications in the areas of nursing, morale, communication, psychological interventions and eating disorders. She regularly reviews for academic journals and offers supervision for new and existing Psychologists as well as students. She is well known in her area of specialty and is consulted for radio, television and print media interviews for her expert opinion. Peta has been awarded many honours including the Australian Psychological Society Elaine Dignan Award for research into women’s issues.  Peta has served as the President of the Eating Disorders Association of Queensland numerous times and is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Peta’s most significant contribution in her research life has been to lead world-first randomized clinical trials investigating the effectiveness of a new and innovative treatment option for food cravings in overweight and obese adults (EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or ‘Tapping’).  The results have been outstanding.  In 2014 Peta was awarded the American Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research in energy psychology by the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology and also became a Gold Coast Business Events Ambassador for Gold Coast Tourism. In 2015 Peta received the Global Weight Management Congress Industry Professional Award of Excellence, and was named the Gold Coast Women in Business - Woman for Change Winner.  This year she was awarded the greatest contribution to the field of Energy Psychology by the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.
Dr Peta Stapleton - Clinical & Health Psychologist
Program Director – Clinical Masters of Psychology
Associate Professor, School of Psychology
Faculty of Society & Design
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